by Comforter

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released February 24, 2017

All songs written and recorded by Comforter at The Church of Wax
Mixed and Mastered by TJ Lipple
Photo by Anthony Heiskell
Designed by Jason Pierce



all rights reserved


Comforter Louisville, Kentucky

Cameron Cousins
Adam Duffy
Luke Stevens
Cadillac Young

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Track Name: Late December
I've known this for a long time, haven't you
I'm watching you drown in your lies

I've known this for a long time, haven't you
can't you see I need you in my life

I remember late December
saddened faces for different reasons you never seemed to understand

now I'm older yet things are still the same
I try explaining these untold feelings your stubbornness get in the way

stop your screaming your heavy breathing
as if my thoughts are so obscene
my voice gets higher calling him a liar
I'm only a human being

unknown places yet familiar faces
this man I've never seen before
my face a cold hue clenching the cue
as he walks out the door

sometimes things are said to put troubled times to rest
I hope you hear these words I speak them true

sometimes things are said to awaken the undead
I hope you hear these words I speak them true
Track Name: Wallflower
the trees roll by as versus plays
my right hand side an empty space
as chords resolve my life stays the same
my problem is my self disdain

I contemplate on the role I should play today
what can I do to make them stay
as my mind goes a thousand miles per hour
they only see a wallflower

distinctly I recall my past emotions
they seem so meaningless to me now
we can't always change the way that we're made
if you can realize that you'll be okay

I'm not okay but that's okay
Track Name: A Life That Could Be
I'm exhausting, I'm falling asleep
I'm tired from working, overthinking this routine
but I'm dreaming of a life that could be
it seems so far to me

don't dream when you're awake
you'll live your life on repeat
dream when you're asleep
don't put your time to waste

don't dream when you're awake
it can really be that easy
dream when you're asleep
let me please show you the way

now I'm awake
now go make your own way
Track Name: Patience and Time
aiming down the sights
until the time is right
sometimes when you take the shot
death brings forth new light

although things seem unclear
I'll have no fear
I'll wait right here

this is what we've waiting for
all of this time
just have patience
you'll be surprised what you find

although things seem unclear
I'll have no fear
I'll wait right here

I'll wait for years
Track Name: Man of Few Words
on the edge of a knife

I want to be on the outside
but it's safe on the inside
I don't know what to do with my free time

I want to be seen
but have my privacy
to be somebody
but have my mystery

who's to judge what's wrong or right
not me I'm over choosing sides
there's no need for my insight
I'm stuck between the dark and the light

I want my voice to be heard
and be a man of few words